The Portny Project Management Approach: People Are the Heart of Our Art

Project management.  We know the words can be intimidating.  But projects are the soul of today's workplace.  That's why our mission is to bring project management down to a user-friendly, easy-to-understand, human level.  Ultimately, people skills are the key to creating a high energy, high productivity environment.

The leadership and teamwork techniques we teach - along with our "plain English" interpretation of the analytical side of project management - will make your projects pop with energy and excitement!  The Portny Project Management Approach is what sets us apart from our competitors.  And ultimately it's what will set you apart from yours.

Want more details about what makes us unique?  Here are just a few:

Our President and Founder

Stan Portny:

  • Has over 30 years of project management experience

  • Has worked with over 150 government and private organizations

  • Has personally managed over 125 projects

  • Has trained over 50,000 management and staff personnel in project management and project leadership

  • Is a certified Project Management Institute Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Has a unique combination of organizational, interpersonal and analytical skills

  • Is the author of Project Management For DummiesŪ

Our Dynamic Focus

  • The blending of process and analytical insight with interpersonal and team leadership skills

  • Individual and team approaches for improving job effectiveness and efficiency

  • Recognition that project success requires information, communication and commitment

Our Positive Approach

  • A dynamic, interactive learning environment

  • Proven techniques and approaches illustrated with practical, real-world examples

  • Special attention to actual problems and situations from the workplace

Put people power in your next project.