Project Management Executive Overview

- Detailed Outline -

This program will:
  • Discuss how effective project management can support total quality and successful project team performance
  • Present an overview of a structured approach for project scope, schedule and resource planning
  • Present an overview of a systematic process for schedule and resource control
  • Discuss how upper and mid-level management can support effective project team performance

Topics addressed in this program include:

  • Requirements for Project Success: Information, Communication and Buy-in
  • Project Life Cycle and Key Decision Points
  • Project Management and Total Quality
  • Project Management and Successful Project Teams
  • Project Planning Issues and Tips: Defining the Work to Be Performed, Scheduling and Estimating Resource Requirements;
  • Project Control: Monitoring Scope, Schedule and Resource Expenditures; Taking Corrective Action; Reporting and Communications
  • Keys for Project Team Success: Goals, Roles, Processes and Relationships
  • Authority, Responsibility and Accountability
  • Roles of Key Players in the Project Environment
  • How Upper Management Can Support Structured Project Management 

This highly experiential program includes:

Interactive group discussion...  "How-to" tips...  Question and answer...

Intended Audience and Program Length

  • Upper and mid-level managers
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Between and 1 day

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