Dynamic Project Team Leadership

- Detailed Outline -

This program will:

  • Define "leadership" and what it entails

  • Study the motives, traits, knowledge and skills of successful leaders

  • Explore how effective leaders can help to ensure project team success

  • Help participants determine their leadership style and how to enhance it

Topics addressed in this program include:

  • Definition of Leadership

  • Leadership versus Management

  • What Effective Leaders Do

  • Requirements for Project Team Success: Goals, Roles, Processes and Relationships 

  • Motives of Leaders: Achievement, Ambition and Desire to Lead

  • Key Leadership Traits: Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity, High Energy, Enthusiasm, Self-Confidence, Initiative, Willingness to Assume Risk

  • Knowledge Requirements: Organizational and Professional

  • Keys to Successful Interpersonal Relations

  • How to Ensure Effective Communications

  • How to Motivate and Inspire Others

  • Different Leadership Styles

  • Your Leadership Style: a Self Assessment (D. I. S. C.)

  • Preparing Your Leadership Development Plan

This highly experiential program includes:

Theory...  Practical applications...  "How-to" techniques...  Discussion...  Personal assessment... Class and group exercises...

Intended Audience and Program Length

  • Managers and team members of small, medium and large projects

  • Up to 20 participants

  • Typically 3 days, can be tailored to either 2 or 4 days

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