Press Release, December 2000

Project Management For Dummies

What do the following scenarios have in common?  Noah building the ark . . .  Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa . . . Jonas Salk developing the polio vaccine.  Quite simply, they're all projects.  I sue these examples to illustrate the diversity of a field that has become both a desirable career choice and a necessary skill for professionals in man business areas: project management.

A new book - Project Management For DummiesŪ by project management consultant Stanley E. Portny, PMP - takes a complex, often-technical subject and makes it easy to understand.  Thought he book offers readers an enormous amount of solid information on the analytical side of project management, I felt the "human" side was so appealing I made it the focus in these press materials.  For example:

  • When you're assigned a project, your first task is to determine who had the original idea that led to its creation.  Project success requires you meet this person's needs and expectations.  The original intent may have become blurred if every person in the chain purposely or inadvertently changes the assignment a little as they pass it on.

  • Confirm all agreements in writing.  A written confirmation emphasizes the seriousness of the commitment.  For some reason, people sometimes feel they can promise things verbally and it's okay if they don't honor their promises.  But when it's in writing, it looks official.

  • Beware of providing vague expectations.  Not only do they provide poor guidance for how one should proceed to satisfy them, they can be demoralizing.

Vague:  "Finish this project as soon as possible."  (All work has to be done as soon as possible, so this statement really tells you nothing.  With this expectation, you're afraid that, with no advance warning, your audience will suddenly demand your project's final results.)

Specific:  "Finish this project by close of business, June 30."

Whatever your job title, this book can boost your marketability and, ultimately, your career.  Plus, it will help you develop a comfortable, logical way of thinking that may benefit you personally and professionally.  Please call for a copy of Project Management For Dummies today.  It'll help you get any job done on time and with minimal stress!