Reviews of Project Management For DummiesŪ

"Everything you need to run a successful project is here in one appealing package - a must for all project teams.  Stan Portny has the ability to put his finger on the real project-management challenges faced by real team members.  I will be buying a copy of Project Management For Dummies for every member of our company.  Stan Portny is the perfect choice to write Project Management For Dummies.

Richard Cutting, Director of Project Management, Melard Technologies, Inc.

"Appropriate material for all individuals responsible for managing a project large or small.  Stan Portny is the best in the field - his teachings have contributed to the successful growth of management skills for numerous Air Force students."

Maggie Grace, Education and Training Administrator, U.S. Air Force

"Stan Portny has been teaching people how to manage successful projects for many years.  His practical approach to project management and step-by-step methodology is sensible and easy to follow.  Mr. Portny takes into consideration both technical and interpersonal aspects that are essential for successful project management.  I recommend this book for new project managers as well as for experienced managers who want to refine and renew their skills.

Rhoda N. Cahan, Vice President, Training Division, Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.

"If you have been asked to manage a project and don't know where to turn, or want to avoid the problems you've seen others deal with, this is the book.  In addition to helping you learn how to plan, organize and staff a project team, this book provides clear practical insight on the "soft side" of project management: how to identify key stakeholders, get buy-in, and keep everyone informed.  This book provides a step-by-step approach that can be used by virtually anyone."

Steven R. Smith, Manager, Human Resources, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

"Project Management For Dummies outlines the specifics of project management.  From project conception to all phases of planning and implementation, it outlines in clear, concise verbiage the entire process, including potential pitfalls and problems encountered during the lifespan of a project.  Personally, I have found this book to be a great resource that I continue to refer back to."

Gene Reichert, Manager of Corporate Field Services, ADT

"Stan Portny takes the sometimes overwhelming discipline of project management and, using real life experiences, presents it in an exciting and understandable fashion.  For any new project manager, this book conveys the tools and techniques, and more importantly, the mindset needed to successfully deliver projects."

John Halper, Vice President, Global Applications, Seagram Universal

"The project-management tips and techniques in the book are right on target.  If you live in a world of multiple priorities and high expectations, and need to get it right the first time, grab this book.  It's an easy-to-read, surefire roadmap to success."

Kathleen Zingaro, Vice President of Human Resources, Just Born, Inc.